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Trial Lawyers Board of Regents

Less Than 1% Of All Lawyers Qualify

The Trial Lawyers Board of Regents, LLC™ is the governing body that has directed the course of the Litigator Awards™ since its inception. Each year it seeks out, acknowledges, and honors only those Trial Lawyers {firms} who have demonstrated remarkable skill and ability in jury trials, trials before the court, or appellate practice.

Suffice to say, the Board does not permit a law firm to buy one's way onto the list, nor is there any requirement for the purchase of any product or any quid-pro-quo of any kind or nature. The 2015 Litigator Awards™ accepts NO third party advertising and is not beholden to any outside commercial interest. All research, analysis, evaluations, nominations, and awards are paid by funding underwritten by entry fees paid by the Nominees.