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Q1. Where do we send our firm’s Declaration Ballot?

All Declaration Ballots are time stamped with a Declaration Ballot Deadline.

Nominees must deliver their completed Declaration Ballot to the Board Not Later than the Declaration Ballot Deadline indicated therein. Time is strictly of the essence. Missing, Incomplete, or Declaration Ballots received after the Declaration Ballot Deadline will Not be Eligible for Award Certification.

Completed Declaration Ballots & Certification Fees must be timely delivered to:

2015 Litigator Awards
Skyline Tower
10900 N.E. 4th Street, Suite 2300
Bellevue, Washington 98004

Q2. What happens if a Nominee does not submit a Nomination Ballot?

In the event a Nominee fails to return a completed Declaration Ballot for Certification, said Nominee:

  1. Is precluded from the current years competition, and their Declaration Ballot will not be Certified, and
  2. Said Nominee may be precluded from Award consideration in the following calendar year.

Q3. Why do the Litigator Award Ratings matter?

“Measuring” what matters most {Performance}, is Credibility Currency. Litigator Award Winners use it to distinguish themselves in a cluttered marketplace by benchmarking their “Litigation Performance”. The Award stands as proof that each Awarded Winner walks its talk about being among the best of the best. Moreover, it’s a testament to ones remarkable performance relative to peers, differentiating Award Winners from pretenders.

Litigator Award Winners rank among the Top 1% of all lawyers, having triumphed in winning extraordinary benchmark cases within one or more of 72 specific areas of expertise, such as Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, or Securities Litigation.

It’s a “Powerful Endorsement” of superior litigation performance that provides discerning clientele {as well as referring professionals} with a strong reason to trust their case with you.

Q4. If Nominated is our firm guaranteed a Litigator Award?

The Certification process is designed to be rigorous yet straightforward and transparent. Our rating methodology is openly judged, meaning we share our benchmarks with both the legal profession, as well as the public.  

Those Trial Lawyers {firms} with a clean regulatory record, who meet or exceed our extraordinary benchmarks in any one or more of 72 pre-defined areas of expertise will earn a Litigator Award Rating - a feat achived by fewer than 1% of all lawyers. 

See Official Terms & Conditions governing the 2015 Litigator Awards.

Q5. How are Litigator Awards different from other ratings?

Winning a Litigator Award means that your firm will officially be recognized as among the most accomplished Litigators in the world.

The Litigator Awards stand as the most coveted symbol of Litigation Achievement for the simple fact that they are one of the only award ratings that distinguishes lawyers based upon actual, certified “Verdict & Settlement” dollar achievement in civil litigation, as opposed to most which rely on peer popularity.

This straightforward “Performance-Oriented Rating Methodology” makes the 2015 Litigator Awards perhaps the most rigorous and openly judged Trial-Law Competitions in the nation.

Q6. How many firms will be awarded?

Those awarded join an exclusive fraternity of Super-Star Lawyers who have won Million, Multi-Million and/or Billion Dollar cases. Of the nearly 1.1 Million lawyers considered, only a select few (about 12 Law Firms) per State or DMA, will achieve the distinction of being awarded each year in any given Practice Specialty.*

Q7. Who says award ratings matter?

According to research by globally recognized brand innovation firm BBMG- “Less than 1 percent of consumers believe what companies say about themselves”. And so consumers look for proof in terms of independent, third party validation that companies are as good as they say they are.

The Litigator Award Ratings provide that third party validation, and stand recognized as one of the professions most trustworthy award ratings, and the only one that distinguishes lawyers based upon actual, certified litigation dollar outcomes.

Most importantly respondents report that they are 12X more likely to engage a Litigator Awards Winner who has triumphed in winning Million, Multi-Million, or even Billion Dollar cases, over a lawyer who has not.

Q8. Do the awards accept outside advertising?

No. The 2015 Litigator Awards competition accepts NO third party advertising and is not beholden to any outside commercial interest. All research, analysis, evaluations, nominations, and awards are paid by funding strictly underwritten by Certification Fees paid by Nominees. Suffice to say, Lawyers cannot buy their way onto the Nomination list, nor is there any requirement for the purchase of any product for inclusion, or any quid pro quo of any kind or nature {other than the Certification Fee} associated with the evaluation and awarding of any lawyer or firm.

Q9. What are individual Award Winner “Micro-Sites”?

View a Sample Micro-Site

The Public Relations team handling the 2015 Litigator Awards has developed individual Micro-Sites (or mini websites) unique to, and featuring each Award Winner. As a “Credentialing Agency” we aim for the Micro-Sites to increase every Award Winner’s online footprint, and to bring their stories of triumph to life - which is what online communication is all about.

Award Winners will have the capability of customizing their Micro-Site as to: Individual Lawyer Biographies, Notable Cases, Video Capability, and Press Releases.

Micro-Sites are a Complimentary Award Privilege.

Q10. What Award Icons may Award Winners display?

Winning a coveted Litigator Award is a feat achieved by less than 1% of all lawyers, and truly a testament to each Award Recipient’s remarkable performance relative to peers. Differentiating Award Winners from peers, award icons may be displayed on:

- Law Firm Websites- Print Communications
- Internet Applications & Ads- Curricula Vitae
- Television Communications- Outdoor Billboards

Q11. How much does it cost to be Award Certified?

A Litigator Award rating provides exceptional value for your money.

There is a flat Certification & Registration Fee paid at the time a Nominee submits their Declaration Ballot for review. Nominees NOT Certified for a 2015 Litigator Award rating will be refunded their paid Certification Fee in full.

All Certification & Registration Fees must be paid by Law Firm check only, made payable to: 2015 Litigator Awards.

Registration Fee: $75 (per firm)
Certification Fee: $1,500 (per firm)

Declaration Ballots & Fees must be timely delivered to:

2015 Litigator Awards
Skyline Tower
10900 N.E. 4th Street, Suite 2300
Bellevue, Washington 98004

Please note that the above fees DO NOT include a 2015 Litigator Award™ Plaque, Medal, or Medallion. Same may be offered for purchase at additional cost.

Q12. What are the Eligibility Benchmarks?

All 2015 Litigator Award Nominees must prove qualifying litigation achievement pursuant to the Nomination Ballot: Rules, Procedures & Award Eligibility Requirements (“Performance Benchmarks”) within each of the Practice Specialty category for which an Award Certification is sought, that includes not less than:

  1. One verified “Verdicts or Settlement” of at-least $1 Million Dollars, per Practice Specialty category, within the preceding 5 year period prior to Nomination, or
  2. One verified “Verdict or Settlement” of at-least $5 Million Dollars, per Practice Specialty category, within the preceding 10 year period prior to Nomination, or
  3. One verified “Verdict or Settlement” of at-least $10 Million Dollars, per Practice Specialty category, within the preceding 20 year period prior to Nomination;

Nominees are eligible to submit Declaration(s) supporting Award Certification of up to 4 Practice Specialty categories per Nomination.

Q13. What are the benefits of being awarded?

For most Nominees the stature of being nationally recognized as among the most accomplished Litigators in the nation is the primary reason for seeking a Litigator Award. After all, the Litigator Awards are recognized instantly as one of the most “Powerful Symbols of Litigation Achievement” anywhere.

While this fact is quite impressive, there are also more lucrative reasons for seeking Award recognition. A more tangible fact is that the Award Winners have exclusive access to Unique Privileges and Distinguished Benefits that may include:

  • National Recognition* A Whirlwind of Publicity
  • NFL, NHL & NBA** “Legends & Litigators” TV Commercial Series
  • Award Winner Micro-Sites* Reaching New Audiences
  • Cooperative PR Events** Unrivaled Media Exposure
  • Award Winner Interviews**
  •* Engage Those In Search of Great Lawyers
  • Display of Awards* Validating Extraordinary Litigation Achievement
  • Most Sought Award Rating* Award handcrafted by London’s famed Cleave Court Jewelers

*Complimentary Award Privilege.
**Limited Opportunity (Optional): Participation and Pricing Varies

Q14. What is the official website of the Litigator Awards?, the official website of the 2015 Litigator Awards is fast becoming the most trusted resource for your clients, the public, and referring professionals to Search Award Winners and identify Top-Performers in up to 72 specific areas of expertise.

Fact: Nearly 10 Million People turn to the Internet every month in search of great lawyers or to research credentials.

Q15. Who decides what law firms are Nominated?

Independent audit & research teams undertake an exhaustive vetting process to screen and evaluate Nominees based on their demonstrated litigation in achievement in Jury Trials, Trials before the Court, and/or Appellate Practice.

Q16. I am a partner at a law firm; can I apply for a Litigator Award?

No. Award contenders are considered for a 2015 Litigator Award Nomination only after being identified by the Nomination Committee.

However, named Partners at Law Firms officially nominated for a 2015 Litigator Award may recommend for Nomination another Trial Law Firm. Once added to the Initial Ballot, said Nomination must be approved by the Nomination Committee, and the Nominee shall be subject to the same exhaustive vetting process employed to screen and evaluate all other Nominees.

Q17. When will the 2015 Litigator Award winners be announced?

Commencing January, 2016 the 2015 Litigator Award Winners will be announced in a whirlwind of publicity across top-tier media outlets potentially reaching millions of people.

Planned networks include:

Q18. When will our Law Firm know if we’ve won a 2015 Litigator Award?

Once Award Certified, the excitement begins when Award Certified Nominees are notified that they are will recipient of one or more 2015 Litigator Awards(generally about 30 days after submission of the Declaration Ballot).

As public interest and anticipation builds to a fevered pitch, the Official Award Winners will be revealed to the world in late October. Potentially reaching millions, the Award Winners will be honored in a whirlwind of publicity.

Q19. What constitutes a qualifying “Verdict & Settlement”?

Subject to the official rules and regulations of the 2015 Litigator Awards, Qualifying “Verdicts or Settlements” are defined to include Court and Jury Trial Verdicts, Final Settlements, and Binding Arbitration Awards.

Q20. Whom may a Nominee contact regarding completion of a Declaration Ballot?

Amy Harris, Chairwoman, National Nomination Committee, along with Committee Staff are available to assist Nominee's in preparing their firm's official Nomination Ballot prior to the stated Declaration Ballot Deadline. 

Q21. Are law firms or individual lawyers awarded?

The 2015 Litigator Awards are conferred to Trial Law Firms (not individual lawyers) for extraordinary “Litigation Achievement”.

Q22. How many Awards or Practice Specialty Categories may be awarded to one firm?

The 2015 Litigator Awards will be presented in up to 72 “Practice Specialty” categories. Nominees are eligible to receive awards in up to 4 Practice Specialty categories per Nomination.

Q23. If awarded in 2015, does my law firm have to re-qualify for an 2016 Award?

Yes. To ensure a constant adherence to the exacting standards of the Board, the selection of award recipients is designed to be dynamic and to change annually to reflect the latest “Verdicts & Settlements” taken by Trial Lawyers in the United States.

Q24. Who can I contact for Press Credentials?

Applications for media and publicist credentials will available online.