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The 2014 Litigator Award Winners were honored in a National CNN Media Campaign in which promos were aired across four of CNN’s most watched shows including Anderson Cooper 360, Erin Burnett Up Front, Wolf Blitzer (Special), and CNN Prime News.

Bellevue, WA: Feb. 3, 2015 – The 2014 Litigator Award Winners stand among the Top 1% of all lawyers based upon extraordinary litigation achievement within one ore more 72 pre-defined Practice Specialty categories. Accordingly, the 2014 Litigator Award Winners were each honored as part of our National CNN Media Campaign in which promos were aired across four of the most watched Prime Time CNN Shows, including Anderson Cooper 360, Erin Burnett Up Front, Wolf Blitzer (Special), and CNN Prime News.

The Campaign successfully vied for placement with multi-national companies like: Microsoft, Toyota, NBC, Mercedes Benz, and Johnson & Johnson. So successful was the campaign in resonating with the public that traffic on Litigator, the official website of the 2014 Litigator Awardä, hit an all time high, with more than 31,000 pages views in January 2015.

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Amid the fanfare and excitement the 2014 Litigator Award Winners were announced in a whirl wind of media excitement.

The 2014 Litigator Awards™ represent the highest honors in Trial Law, and justly stand as the nation’s most coveted symbol of “Litigation Achievement”.

Presented in up to 72 “Practice Specialty” categories, the Awards are based on actual “Verdict & Settlement” dollar achievement rather than peer popularity, making them perhaps the most rigorous and openly judged Award Ratings anywhere.

Those awarded join an exclusive fraternity of Super-Star Lawyers who have won Million, Multi-Million and/or Billion Dollar cases - a feat achieved by fewer than 1% of all lawyers. Of the nearly 1.1 Million lawyers considered, only a select few (about 12 Law Firms) per State or DMA, will achieve the distinction of being awarded each year in any given Practice Specialty (see official rules & regulations).

Bellevue, WA (PRWEB) November 12, 2014

The Trial Lawyers Board of Regents extends is gratitude to all the Trial Lawyers, Judges, and Press whom have helped make the 2014 Litigator Awards a reality. Based upon the overwhelming response, the Awards which will be conferred nationally for the first time, are on track to be a tremendous success. The National Nominations Committee proudly congratulates the following Law Firms who stand amongst a partial list of the most recent 2014 Litigator Award Nominees and/or Nominees who have recently submitted Declaration Ballots.

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Media Contact Amy G. Harris 2014 Litigator Awards (800) 992-9049 info(at)LitigatorAwards(dot)com

BELLEVUE, WASHINTON: September 3, 2014 - Nominations commence for the coveted 2014Litigator Awards™. Regarded as the highest honors in Trial Law, the Awards are the only national honor based strictly on “Litigation Achievement” by Practice Specialty, making perhaps the most rigorous and openly judged Trial Law Rating in the nation.

Interest and anticipation in the 2014 Litigator Awards continues to build as the Board has received an overwhelming response from Trial Lawyers, the Judiciary, and the Press. To that end, we share in the excitement of presenting the most prestigious, rigorous and openly judged Trial-Law Competition in the nation.

Justly standing as the most well respected and coveted symbol of “Litigation Achievement” in the nation, the Litigator Awards™ measure what matters most {Performance}. Award contenders are considered only after being identified and exhaustively vetted by the Nominations Committee. As part of the selection process, independent audit & research teams screen and evaluate Nominees for demonstrated achievement of “Performance Benchmarks” within one or more of 72 

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BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON: August 3, 2014 - The Litigator Awards redefine America’s perception of the way the nation sees and honors Trial Lawyers. They have been compared to a knighthood on Britain, or even the French Legion of Honor. As the only national Trial Law Rating based solely on “Litigation Achievement” rather than popularity, they stand as the most respected and sought after Award Rating anywhere.

The 2014 Litigator Awardswill honor extraordinary “Litigation Achievement” in up to 72 Practice Specialties categories, representing a core range of specific fields expertise.Nominees are eligible to receive the Award Rating in as many as six Practice Specialties. For the public, referring professionals and their trusted clientele, the Awards provide a candid assessment of each Law Firms expertise, and an objective grade of their demonstrated past “Litigation Performance” by Practice Specialty - all of which help identify “Best-In-Class” Trial Lawyers.

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