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2015 Litigator Award Winner

Wigdor LLP has a wide array of talented attorneys. We have been included in Best lawyers, Super Lawyers, “Top 100 trial lawyers in America” by the National Trial Lawyers. “To.

Formed over ten years ago, Wigdor LLP expertise includes winning cases involving discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, executive compensation, wage & hour and other employment-related litigation. The firm also has a strong track record in criminal law, civil rights and catastrophic torts.

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Our Notable Cases

Business Torts & Fraud

Speed v. Six Flags et al.
Verdict or Settlement: $23.72 million

Wigdor LLP successfully represented the former Chief Financial Officer of Six Flags in claims of breach of contract and fraud. Douglas H. Wigdor was lead counsel for the former CFO and successfully litigated the case before former Second Circuit Judge George C. Pratt, who awarded our client $23.72 million in damages (plus attorneys’ fees and interest).

Disability Claims

Brady v. Wal-Mart
Verdict or Settlement: $7.5 million

After an eight day trial in the Eastern District of New York, a federal jury returned a verdict of $7.5 million against Wal-Mart and an individual manager for discriminating against a disabled man with cerebral palsy. This jury verdict is one of the largest ever rendered under the ADA and has received worldwide media attention.

Sex Abuse & Discrimination

New York v. Strauss-Kahn
Verdict or Settlement: Confidential

Wigdor LLP represented the victim who was sexually assaulted in the Sofitel Hotel by Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the International Monetary Fund.

Jane Doe v. Uber Technologies, Inc.
Verdict or Settlement: Confidential

Wigdor LLP represented the woman who was allegedly raped by an Uber driver in Delhi, India.

Nurse v. Concepts in Staffing Inc., et al.
Verdict or Settlement: $1.2 million

Wigdor LLP won a $1.2 million dollar verdict after a two-week jury trial in Manhattan Federal Court in Nurse v. Concepts in Staffing, Inc. At trial, Wigdor LLP represented a Black Controller of a company who was repeatedly called a “Black Bitch” in the workplace and who was also groped, disrespected and degraded by the owner of the company.

Civil Rights

Morgenstern v. County of Nassau et al.
Verdict or Settlement: $3.35 million

Wigdor LLP successfully represented a former employee of Nassau County in her due process claim against the County and other individuals. After a two week jury trial in the Eastern District of New York, the jury returned a verdict on Ms. Morgenstern’s compensatory and punitive damages in the sum of $1.8 million. After the verdict, the Court awarded back-pay, attorneys’ fees and costs for a total of approximately $3.35 million.

Wrongful Termination

Osorio et al. v. Source Enterprises, Inc., et al.
Verdict or Settlement: $8 million (appx.)

After a two week trial, a jury in Manhattan Federal Court returned a multi-million dollar verdict on behalf of Kim Osorio. The jury found that Ms. Osorio was retaliated against when she filed a complaint of discrimination and was defamed when the co-owner of Source, Raymond Scott (aka “Benzino”), claimed that she attempted to extort Source. Individual defendant and co-owner David Mays was also found liable.

Hanna v. Goldman, Sachs & Co., et al.
Verdict or Settlement: Confidential

Wigdor LLP represented a former Vice President of Goldman Sachs in a lawsuit in the Southern District of New York. As alleged in the Complaint, the former executive was “mommy-tracked” after returning from her first pregnancy leave and then terminated while she was on maternity leave for her second child.

Benjamin v. Sparks, et al.
Verdict or Settlement: Active

Wigdor LLP currently represents Mr. Saul Benjamin in an action against novelist Nicholas Sparks, widely known author of “The Notebook.” As alleged in the Complaint, Mr. Benjamin, former Headmaster of The Epiphany School of Global Studies founded by Sparks, was terminated without cause after being publicly condemned, harassed and intimidated by Sparks and other members of the School community who demonized Mr. Benjamin’s core religious beliefs. Mr. Benjamin, a distinguished educator, was committed to improving the racial, ethnic and religious diversity of the school. Despite Mr. Benjamin’s efforts to increase the representation of African-American students and to support bullied homosexual students at the school, as alleged in the Complaint, he was met with an escalating and vicious discriminatory and retaliatory campaign which degraded and defamed him, and which eventually forced him out of his position as headmaster.

Employee Discrimination

Bartoletti et al. v. CitiGroup Inc. et al.
Verdict or Settlement: Confidential

Wigdor LLP represented one current and five former female employees alleging that Citigroup has a pattern and practice of discriminating on the basis of gender and/or pregnancy in terms of pay, promotion and layoffs. Douglas H. Wigdor, who was lead counsel in connection with a group of individual women in an alleged gender discrimination class action complaint against Dresdner Kleinwort, represented the women in this matter and has coined the phrase “Recessionary Discrimination” which is a growing trend by companies of using mass lay-offs to cover-up the discriminatory treatment and/or impact on groups of women, people of color and those over 40. The former Citigroup employees were featured in a Forbes magazine cover story investigating the impact that the economic downturn has had on women in the financial services industry.

Voelker v. Deutsche Bank AG
Verdict or Settlement: Confidential

Wigdor LLP represented Kelley Voelker, a former Vice President at Deutsche Bank, who was fired after filing a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit. Ms. Voelker’s lawsuit, which received press attention and notoriety when it was first filed in federal court details her efforts to break through the bank’s glass ceiling, overcome “mommy-tracking,” and obtain a long-overdue promotion. After being told that nobody in her group would be affected by the layoffs at the bank, Ms. Voelker was informed, after she complained just weeks prior about further retaliation, that she is the only employee among the approximately 500 employees to be affected as part of this supposedly wide-ranging reduction in force.

Sheree Steele, et al. v. CVS Pharmacy, Inc.
Verdict or Settlement: Active

Wigdor LLP represents four former store detectives in a class action lawsuit alleging discrimination and a policy of racial profiling against renowned pharmacy chain CVS. The lawsuit alleges that Defendants regularly informed the ex-store detectives to racially profile non-white shoppers, including instructing the former store detectives to “watch the black and Hispanic people to catch more cases”. The employees themselves were also the subject of racial slurs with store management referring to them as “n*****s” and telling them to “hide like monkey[s]” to avoid being seen by potential shoplifters. When the ex-employees complained to management regarding this practice, they were subjected “to increased scrutiny, micromanagement and fabricated performance criticism.

Class Actions

Xiao et al. v. Sephora USA, Inc. et al.
Verdict or Settlement: Active

Wigdor LLP currently represents the Plaintiffs in a federal racial profiling class action law suit against beauty mogul Sephora. The Complaint alleges that the company discriminated against individuals perceived to be of Chinese/Asian descent, based on their surnames and/or domain addresses, and proceeded to block and/or deactivate their accounts during an online reward member sale. As alleged, Sephora engaged in this discriminatory conduct based on the stereotype that Chinese/Asian customers make bulk purchases for resale.

Brown v. Macy's Inc. et al.
Verdict or Settlement: Confidential

Wigdor LLP represented famous actor Robert Brown in an alleged racial profiling class action against Macy’s and The City of New York.

Raniere et al. v. Citigroup Inc. et al.
Verdict or Settlement: Confidential

Wigdor LLP represented Home Lending Specialists, Loan Consultants, and other similar mortgage lending specialist employees against CitiMortgage Inc. and other related entities (“Citi”) for their failure to pay overtime compensation for six years. On November 22, 2011, the Court denied Citi’s attempt to dismiss the case, denied Citi’s attempt to compel arbitration, and granted Plaintiffs’ motion for conditional certification of a collective action against Citi.

Whistle Blower / Qui Tam

Sharkey v. J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. et al.
Verdict or Settlement: Active

Wigdor LLP currently represents a former vice president of J.P, Morgan Chase & Co. in a whistleblower suit claiming the bank ignored red flags about a client's potential fraud, On October 8, 2014 the Second Circuit vacated the district court decision holding that the “definitively and specifically” standard was too strict and that Sarbanes Oxley could extend its focus to the reasonable belief of a whistleblower.

Burn Injury

McCullough v. Consolidated Edison Inc., et al.
Verdict or Settlement: Confidential

Wigdor LLP represented the family of Gregory McCullough, the 21-year-old young man who was driving the tow truck at the center of the Con Edison steampipe explosion in midtown Manhattan and was left critically injured with third degree burns over 80 percent of his body.