Law Office of Ronald W. Ramirez

Law Office of Ronald W. Ramirez

2015 Litigator Award Winner

Few lawyers understand the specific challenges present in brain injury litigation better than Ron Ramirez who has developed a focus on cases involving brain trauma.

Brain injury cases are complex and challenging, and therefore require a deep understanding of both neuroscience and the client’s ability to endure the litigation. By combining cutting-edge technology and extensive resources with passionate representation, we have been able to secure life-changing results for our clients.

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Our Notable Cases

Brain Injury

Valverde v FS 41-45 Tiemann Place LLC
Verdict or Settlement: $6,837,950.00

A college student sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury together with multiple orthopedic injuries when a stone railing in front of an apartment building gave way and he fell 11 feet onto a stairway. The stone balustrade had previously broken and was improperly repaired. Evidence of the traumatic brain injury was presented using the latest scientific and medical testing available.