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In addition to his knowledge of brain injuries, Ramirez, who started out as a trial attorney for the Legal Aid Society of New York, brings to his practice years of courtroom experience. He has tried hundreds of cases in both state and federal courts, and as a solo practitioner, he handles all aspects of these cases, providing individual service to each client


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With more than 37 years of total legal experience and over two decades focused on the needs of New York personal injury clients, Ronald Ramirez, the principal and founding attorney at the Law Office of Ronald Ramirez, provides experienced and reliable legal counsel for serious personal injury clients and the families of wrongful death victims, with specific concentration in the area of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI).. Representing thousands of victims of serious physical injuries, Mr. Ramirez has distinguished himself by providing our clients with the highest quality of representation, service, integrity and professional judgment by recovering superior verdicts and settlements. Mr. Ramirez began his career as a Trial Attorney with the Criminal Defense Division of the Legal Aid Society of New York.