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2015 Litigator Award Winner

The Los Angeles personal injury lawyers at Biren Law Group are dedicated to securing the just outcome their clients deserve, no matter how complex a case may seem.

The legal team at Biren Law Group is committed to delivering reliable legal services and fighting tooth and nail to secure a favorable outcome on behalf of their clients. They go above and beyond to advocate for the injured.

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Our Notable Cases

Personal Injury

Cervical Spine Injury
Verdict or Settlement: Approximately $2 million

Won a verdict for a man who suffered from a cervical spine injury as a result of a poorly maintained piece of gym equipment.

Car Accident
Verdict or Settlement: Approximately $1 million

Obtained a trial verdict for a man who sustained a back injury from a serious car accident; the injury required surgery in order to treat the injury.

Motorcycle Accident
Verdict or Settlement: $3.5

Matthew Biren won a $3.5 million verdict for a man whose motorcycle was cut off my an oil tanker truck, resulting in severe leg and facial injuries.

Verdict or Settlement:

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