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Medler Law Firm, LLC

2014 Litigator Award Winner

The Medler Law Firm LLC is dedicated to obtaining justice for those who have been seriously injured, or whose loved ones have been killed, through the negligence of others.

John was the General Trial Attorney for AT&T for 20 years. Tammy worked at a large defense firm, handling the defense of medical malpractice cases. The two finally realized that their heart was with those seriously injured, so they left their jobs to start their own Plaintiff's firm.

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Our Notable Cases

Spinal Cord Injury

Clayton Wood v. Pur Performance, Inc.
Verdict or Settlement: 2,000,000+

In this case, a 17 year-old young man was paralyzed when he rear-ended a stopped pick-up truck. Normally, a driver who rear-ends another would be at fault for their own accident, but here, the truck's tail lights were sprayed with a black spray pain manufactured by Sherwin-Williams which was specifically designed to black out the safety lights of the vehicle. The plaintiff claimed that he could not see the blacked out brake lights in the bright sunlight. Plaintiff also sued the garage which passed the pickup for inspection; the highway department (dangerous roadway); the motorcycle manufacturer (failure to equip the bike with anti-lock brake system); the operator of the pickup (for blacking out the lights); Sherwin-Williams (product liability for dangerous paint product); the retailers of the bike and the paint; and several insurance companies (for uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist).

Verdict or Settlement:

Boat & Watercraft Accidents

Kathleen Hutchison v. Patricia Mielke
Verdict or Settlement: $495,000

Plaintiff, a 21 year-old nursing student, was riding on a motorboat with her aunt at the Lake of the Ozarks. After an afternoon of sunbathing and relaxing, it was time to go home. The anchor for the motorboat, however, was stuck on the lake bottom. Plaintiff attempted to manually dislodge it by manipulating the anchor rope, but the aunt, without warning, gunned the motor of the boat. The rope then amputated the Plaintiff's thumb on her non-dominant hand. She needed seven surgeries and grafts. The insurance was limited to $500,000.

Medical Malpractice

Kirk Dillon v. [Confidential]
Verdict or Settlement: $400,000

Plaintiff, after recently suffering a seizure a month earlier, was placed on an anti-seizure medication called Dilantin. In rare cases, individuals can have an adverse reaction to Dilantin. Plaintiff presented to his internist the following month with a feeling of malaise. The doctor failed to identify that the patient was having an adverse reaction to Dilantin, which ultimately caused the need for a liver transplant, and the patient being placed on dialysis for the rest of his life. The doctor and his five experts claimed that an adverse reaction to Dilantin was incredibly rare, and that his symptoms could have been many things. The doctor had also referred the patient to a neurologist, who he believed should have spotted any problems with a medicine designed to control seizures.

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