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Liles Harris PLLC

2014 Litigator Award Winner

Trial lawyers who specialize in catastrophic injury cases and use aggressive litigation to maximize recoveries for clients nationwide

With a combined 50 years of experience, our specialty is preparing cases for trial. In catastrophic injury cases, we focus on 18 wheeler and commercial vehicle crashes, auto/tire product liability defects, work place safety injuries in oilfield and other practices, and situations where a disregard for safety causes injury

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Our Notable Cases

Liquor Liability

Hernandez v. Cabaret of CC
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In 2011, two adjacent bars overserved alcohol to a group of oil field service workers in violation of their duty to not serve obviously intoxicated patrons.  After one of the workers became belligerent, the club's bouncer escorted the obviously intoxicated patron to his car and asked him to leave.  Less than 10 minutes later, the intoxicated driver hit an innocent 18 year old driver head on killing both of them.  The family of the innocent 18 year old sued the bars and was awarded an $18.75 million verdict against one of the bars for negligence and recklessness in service of alcohol.