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2014 Litigator Award Winner

With degrees in engineering, biology and economics the attorneys at Gurfein Douglas LLP merge science and law to better represent their clients.

For over 85 years Gurfein Douglas attorneys have tackled the technical details of every case to win liability and to conquer the complex areas of future financial needs. Their practice is limited to representing catastrophically injured people.

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Our Notable Cases

Catastrophic Injury

Lewis v. Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Verdict or Settlement: $6,783,202.90

Ernest Lewis was a 13 year old running to catch a bus with his mother.  As he reached the rear of the bus he began banging on the side to alert the driver.  As he neared the front door and past the middle wheels of this articulating bus, he slipped on the curb and fell under the bus as the driver pulled out of the bus stop and drove over his legs.  He sustained multiple fractures and a degloving injury that required both muscle and skin grafting that left large ugly scars on his leg and the inability to feel pain or heat in the graft.

Medical Malpractice

Norton v. Nyugen
Verdict or Settlement: $5,750,000.00

Plaintiff was 20 years old when she delivered her second child at a rural upstate New York Community Hospital. She was discharged 36 hours later. Her doctors failed to detect a serious infection that almost killed her. She spent almost 3 weeks in a coma and had to have surgery to remove all of her female organs because of the infection. She also had to have bowel surgery and a temporary colostomy.

Medical Misdiagnosis

Chapins v. Confidential MD
Verdict or Settlement: $7,400,000.00

Plaintiff was 60 years old when she developed a stiff neck that wouldn't go away. She went to her primary care physician who referred her to multiple specialists in different fields. None of these doctors realized she had an infection in her neck. It destroyed her spinal cord and left her a tri-plegic (3 limbs paralyzed).

Products Liability

Adams v. Genie
Verdict or Settlement: $3,849,284.83

Walter Adams, 28 years old, was a janitor for a display construction company.  A foreman asked him to assist in uncoiling a rope used to hoist a fabricated wall into a vertical position for testing.  The foreman directed Mr. Adams to a vertical lift machine made by the defendant Genie Industries.  This particular lift was designed with a narrow base to fit through doorways and had "outriggers" which fit into rectangular channels at all four corners of the base.  The machine, however, would operate (go up and down) whether the outriggers were in place or not.  Mr. Adams followed the foreman's direction and rode the basket up about 12 feet without outriggers in place when the machine tipped over and threw Mr. Adams to the ground.  He sustained serious fractures of his wrist and knee which left him with pain and the prospect of a wrist fusion in the future.