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Friedman, Levy, Goldfarb & Green, P.C.

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Friedman, Levy, Goldfarb & Green, P.C. is a New York City based law firm specializing in the areas of plaintiffs personal injury and medical malpractice law.

Our attorneys have served the firm collectively for over 80 years and are dedicated to obtaining the maximum recovery of damages for every client. The firm was founded on the principle that all people are entitled to competent, trustworthy, and aggressive legal representation.

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Our Notable Cases

Personal Injury

Verdict or Settlement: $4,980,000

$4,980,000 Jury Verdict — Motor Vehicle Accident - Brooklyn

The plaintiff was a front seat passenger in a vehicle that was rear-ended by the defendant. The plaintiff sustained a tear to posterior tibial tendon, ankle injury, and spinal injury. After the jury heard the evidence they were convinced that the defendant was negligent and awarded this substantial verdict.  

Verdict or Settlement: $3,100,000

$3,100,000 Settlement — Leg Amputation - Queens

An airport baggage handler was struck by a luggage cart being driven by another handler which tragically resulted in his right leg being amputated at the knee joint. He came to our firm for advice on a workers compensation claim, having been previously told this was his only remedy. We did not accept this at face value and conducted an investigation which revealed that the driver of the luggage cart was not an employee of the airline in which our client worked for, but was rather employed by a subcontractor who was hired to assist with the baggage handling operation. By identifying a target defendant who the law allowed to be sued, we took our client from zero damages to athree million dollarsettlement

Verdict or Settlement: $1,500,000

$1,500,000 Settlement - 8 Year Old Girl Falls Through Skylight on Roof Playground of School - Brooklyn

An 8 year old student at a yeshiva in Brooklyn fell through an open skylight on the roof playground of her school while out at recess with her classmates. The skylight, which was used as part of wedding ceremonies by the catering hall that rented space in the school, had not been fully closed, and when a ball bounced into the enclosure which surrounded the skylight, the little girl climbed over the 42 inch fence, in full view of her teachers, and fell approximately thirty feet down to the floor below suffering multiple fractures and requiring several surgeries. Both the school and the catering hall made motions to dismiss the case arguing that the accident was the fault of the other, but we successfully argued that the accident was both their faults and the motions were denied. The case then proceeded to trial and following jury selection, the case was settled.

Verdict or Settlement: $2,100,000

$2,100,000 Jury Verdict - Trip and Fall Accident - Brooklyn

A decrepit steel plate in a city sidewalk covering a vault caused our client, a private waste hauler, to trip and injure his back. This hard worker suffered two herniated discs in his lumbar spine which resulted in major surgery – a two-level disc fusion with the insertion of titanium plates to stabilize his spine. The City of New York which owned the sidewalk, The New York City Transit Authority which owned an elevated subway line above the accident site and the abutting private landowner all denied ownership of the metal plate or responsibility for its condition. An exhaustive investigation using engineers, the examination of a decade old City plan, schematics and no small amount of dogged persistence uncovered evidence that the plate and vault below it was owned by the New York City Transit Authority. A jury awarded damages for pain and suffering, lost income and medical expenses, both in the past and in the future to compensate this disabled worker.

Verdict or Settlement: $2,650,000

$2,650,000 Jury Verdict - Construction Accident, Labor Law - New York City

Our client, a member of the Union of Operating Engineers was operating a forklift during the excavation of a prominent entertainment venue in NYC. A one-of-a-kind material hoist at the site collapsed under him, dropping him to the bottom of the excavation and causing devastating injuries. The insurance company for the contractor responsible for the hoist refused to settle for an amount we thought was fair. The case was tried to a jury verdict, which was more than triple the settlement offer. The defendants appealed and the Appellate Court affirmed the verdict finding the evidence we produced at trial was exhaustive and totally persuasive on the seriousness of our client's injuries.

Verdict or Settlement: $1,500,000

$1,500,000 Settlement - New York City Transit Authority Bus Accident - Brooklyn

New York City Transit Authority Bus strikes a pedestrian causing severe fracture and degloving of her leg.

Verdict or Settlement: $1,000,000

$1,000,000 Settlement - Motor Vehicle Accident With Eighteen Wheeler Truck - Southern District of New York

An eighteen wheeler attempted to make a left turn onto the street where our client was proceeding straight on his motorcycle. The subject intersection was controlled by a stop sign and the truck failed to yield the right of way to the motorcycle, resulting in our client being airlifted from the location of the occurrence by helicopter to the hospital. As a result of the occurrence, plaintiff suffered multiple severe fractures to his body and underwent multiple surgeries. We sued the the owner, operator, and lessee of the tractor trailer as well as the operator's employer. The case settled after the use of an accident reconstruction expert and vigorous advocacy on behalf of our client.

Medical Malpractice

Verdict or Settlement: $20,000,000

$20,000,000 Jury Verdict - Colon Damage During Colonoscopy Goes Undetected - Bronx

The case involved a 42 year old man who underwent a colonoscopy at a Bronx Hospital. During the procedure, the doctor caused several small perforations and then ignored our client's complaints of pain and sent him home. This delay in diagnosis allowed his condition to worsen and led to the need for emergency surgery. Our client required removal of a portion of his colon and the creation of a colostomy. He also endured subsequent surgeries to reverse his colostomy and to repair abdominal hernias that developed due to his multiple operations.The case was tried because the defendant doctor refused to consent to settle the case.

Verdict or Settlement: $6,000,000

$6,000,000 Settlement - Medical Malpractice - Queens

Errors by several doctors in diagnosis and treatment led to a long period of suffering and ultimately the death of the cherished husband of our client. This 49-year-old man, who was also the father of two young daughters, had a history of asymptomatic heart valve disease when he was presented to the defendant doctors over a period of two months with complaints of pain and high fever. With the help of experts we retained in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Pulmonary Medicine and Infectious Diseases, our office was able to prove that a mistaken diagnosis was made by the first doctor the deceased saw and then followed by his other doctors. We established that as a result of these doctors' negligence, he developed a severe heart infection with numerous horrific complications. Our ability to prove that his death from a pulmonary embolus nine months later was caused by the doctors' earlier mistakes, led to a very substantial settlement that will provide his family with the resources to completely fund his daughters' education and otherwise dramatically improve the quality of their lives in his absence.

Verdict or Settlement: $3,500,000

$3,500,000 Jury Verdict - Dental Malpractice - Manhattan 

The plaintiff was caused to have trigeminal neuralgia as a result of a dentist's removal of a filling and his placing of an acid etch preparation which leaked into the pulp chamber. The Plaintiff's temporomandibular joint dysfunction was also aggravated, she was caused to have an abortion due to possible side effects of drugs she was taking, and she suffered a pseudo-heart attack when she stopped taking the prescribed pain medication. Upon hearing all of the evidence, the jury awarded the jury verdict for past and future pain and suffering.

Verdict or Settlement: $3,300,000

$3,300,000 Settlement - Medical Malpractice - Queens

40-year-old schizophrenic becomes brain damaged because of hospital neglect when hospital staff failed to administer oxygen in emergency room.

Verdict or Settlement: $1,450,000

$1,450,000 Jury Verdict - Dental Malpractice, Failure to Diagnose Infection - Nassau County

Our 75 year old client developed an infection when her dental bridge detached on one end. Before beginning the repair work, her dentist took x-rays in which the infection was identifiable, but he failed to recognize the infection and took no steps to treat it. Without treatment the infection worsened and traveled to her brain, finally requiring a craniotomy to remove the infected brain tissue. The insurance company refused to make any settlement offer and after we proved to the jury that the signs of infection were present in the first x-ray the dentist took, and that had he taken a second x-ray with the bridge removed he would have clearly seen the infection, the jury returned its verdict in favor of our client.